Residential pools and spas

Bulk transport of water to fill your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, your spa, your pond, etc. The area for residential services is limited to the Montérégie.

Commercial & industrial

Transport of small and large quantities of water by tanker. We comply with all our customers' requests. We offer three types of water: demineralized, ionized and treated by reverse osmosis.


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Our territory

The area served by Transport O-Claire varies according to the service requested. Please consult the relevant section.

Rental of tankers

We can provide you with a rental tank, prepare it, manage your project, fill the tank and deliver it to you. A perfect solution in the case of landscaping, clean-up, temporary reservoir, construction, sugar shack, and more.

Transport O-Claire

IMG-20121130-00026We have all types of water to meet your needs. We are the number ONE company in Quebec for the bulk transport of drinking water, to meet your needs. From the start, ten years ago, we’ve been making progress every year, with new equipments and new skills. Our employees have a wealth of experience in the field and we strive to stay ahead of our competitors in the matter of compliance with government standards.

We have tankers that hold 1,000 to 40,000 liters for our deliveries in Quebec, in Ontario and in eastern Canada. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are the solution to your water problems, in compliance with the standards required, be it for an individual or for your plant.

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Residential and commercial services

Our bulk sales and transport of water cover from the smallest to the largest quantities. Here are some of our residential services:

  • filling of swimming pools and spas
  • filling of surface wells or reservoirs
  • watering of lawns
  • watering of skating rinks
  • rental of tanks as reservoirs

As for our commercial and industrial services, we offer transport services to:

  • water or soft drinks bottlers
  • food plants
  • water networks